What Is A Coworking Space?

Collaborative working, or simply ‘coworking’, is an emerging style of working which is gaining widespread popularity across Karachi

Where entrepreneurs, startups and other driven professionals work in an innovative, fully equipped shared space with zero distractions, plenty of networking opportunities and all the facilities you would expect in a modern 21st century office.

The coworking model is unique in a way for entrepreneurs and those just starting out a business, because it allows them to remain self-directed and completely independent – with the added benefit of networking and socializing with other like-minded individuals who are in the same shoes.

Unsurprisingly, this leads to higher motivation and productivity levels, a higher likelihood for teamwork collaboration and creativity, and not to mention the myriad of networking and potential business opportunities for everyone from small businesses and freelancers to large corporations.


Reception Area

The moment you set foot in your new coworking space, you’ll be greeted by a friendly receptionist who is always attentive and ready to accommodate you in any way possible.

The Reception has a comfortable seating arrangement for your guests, while prompt call forwarding ensures that you never miss any of your super-important business calls.

Conference Room

For all your ground-breaking discussions, we have a dedicated meeting room with a formal conference table and comfortable office chairs to accommodate up to 6 people. High-speed internet is standard, as well as full multimedia capabilities, including a large screen projector.

With 24/7 backup power, full air-conditioning and IT support around the clock, as well as on-the-house tea and coffee, this is where you can unleash all your creative ideas and make career-changing business decisions.

Benefits Of Coworking At CoSpace

Many surveys and reports have suggested that startups and entrepreneurs are far more creative and productive when working out of a coworking office space. With a collective mindset, practically no distractions whatsoever and preferred on-site facilities which all contribute toward a collaborative work space – workers can enjoy their work more, with improved focus and motivation, compared to other working arrangements.

Independent professionals and smaller businesses, including startups, can particularly benefit from this as a shared office space allows them to get work done quickly while having all daily business necessities within easy reach: high-speed internet and laptops, printers, meeting rooms, ergonomically friendly desks and chairs, housekeeping, high tech conference room, tea and coffee, and much more. As one might imagine, this results in much lower startup costs, and happens to be a very attractive proposition for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

Our coworking space at Cospace also offers the opportunity to network with professionals from a variety of industries – coworkers not only get to expand their knowledge and share experiences but also identify potential for collaborating on a project.